Phil Solomon
Saturday 4 May, 2024 2:30 pm

Lost And Found, You Still Remain There: A Phil Solomon Retrospective

Saturday 4 May, 2024 2:30 pm
Cost: £14 - £42
ICA Cinema,
The Mall, St. James's, London SW1Y 5AH

Sonic Cinema and The Phil Solomon Project present a retrospective of Phil Solomon’s films, in the form of three programmes.

Internationally acclaimed American filmmaker Phil Solomon (1954-2019) created a body of cinematic virtuosity and poetic resonance that profoundly expanded the found footage genre, as he explored and exploited material idiosyncrasies of his sources – whether chemically altering the emulsion of Hollywood films and personal home movies or détourning the digital gaming universe of Grand Theft Auto. In his analog days, Solomon described himself as an inverse archeologist, throwing “Schmutz” on cultural artifacts to defamiliarize the imagery, creating works that walk a fine line between abstraction and figuration, unfolding an interior emotional vocabulary seamlessly married to meticulously constellated worlds of sound. – Eve Heller

The series has been curated by Mark McElhatten. Eve Heller will be here in person to present the programmes.

Sat 4 May, 2:30pm – Programme 1

NocturneWhat’s Out Tonight Is LostThe Secret GardenRemains to Be SeenTwilight Psalm II: Walking Distance

Sun 5 May, 2:30pm – Programme 2

CrossroadRehearsals for RetirementLast Days in a Lonely PlaceStill Raining Still DreamingTwilight Psalm IV: Valley of the Shadow

Sun 5 May, 4:30pm – Programme 3

Yes, I Said Yes, I Will, YesThe Exquisite HourThe SnowmanThe Emblazoned ApparitionsTwilight Psalm III: Night of the MeekThe Summit

With thanks to Eve Heller and Mark McElhatten. Very special thanks to Mark Toscano (Academy Film Archive).

Eve Heller initiated the founding of the Phil Solomon Project together with Mark McElhatten in the wake of Phil’s passing in 2019. The PSP is dedicated to sustaining the preservation, distribution, screening, exhibition, and publication of Phil Solomon’s artwork and thought.

Sonic Cinema is a research project and event series by Oliver Dickens, exploring the intersection of moving-image, sound art and music practice. It is dedicated to the memory of Louis Benassi. Sonic Cinema also presents occasional repertory screenings of under-screened cinematic gems.

Supported by Austrian Cultural Forum London

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Phil Solomon